Student Loan Schemes 2013 in Pakistan

Student loan schemes 2013 is very pleasant news for those who want to pursue their education in a respectable manner. Student loan schemes are planned by keeping in mind the fast growing expenses of study in today’s time.  Study is the right of each and every citizen regardless of his/her gender, caste, ethnicity etc. Today only those countries are developing who are considering the educational backbone of their development. To make Education sure for each and every citizen who also includes those people who cannot afford the expenses of study in the present era, Government plays an important role. Government plans loan schemes for such people so that no one can be deprived of his/her basic right.  These loans are awarded on the basis of the financial condition of people and merit.

Pakistan is also now steeping in the row of developed countries and giving priority to the education. For this reason federal finance minister, department of Government of Pakistan has announced student loan schemes 2013 with the collaboration with commercial banks, for those students that deserves it. This step is taken for the welfare of students so that they can manage the financial needs of their study. Here is the list of banks that are providing student loan:

  1. National Bank of Pakistan.
  2. Habib Bank Limited.
  3. United Bank Limited.
  4. Muslim Commercial Bank.
  5. Allied Bank Limited.
  6. First Women Bank.
  7. MCB Bank.
  8. HabibMetro Bank.


The banks under count from 1 to 5 are giving loan for all students while bank on count no 6 is giving loan for female students , bank on count no 7 is giving loans to LUMS Students and while bank on count no 8 is giving loan for post-graduate student only. Although these loans are for students but few banks have made their schemes specific to Class levels. These student loan schemes 2013 are totally profit free. Students are required to pay only the original amount the bank. Talented and eligible students can apply to these loan schemes by filling and submitting forms to the nearest branches of the above mentioned banks. The criteria for these loans schemes include specific approved fields of graduation, under graduation, post graduation and specific obtained marks.  The approved fields are as follows:

  • Engineering.
  • Electronics.
  • Oil Gas & Petro-Chemical Technology.
  • Agriculture.
  • Medicine.
  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics.
  • Mathematics.
  • Other Natural Sciences.
  • DAWA and Islamic Jurisprudence (LL.B/LL.M Sharia).
  • Computer Science/Information.
  • System and Technology including hardware.
  • Economics, Statistics and Econometrics.
  • Business Management Sciences.
  • Commerce.

The criteria of marks for the loan schemes include 70% marks and good reputation in pursuing institute. Along with this last date of submitting the application form should also be kept in mind so that your application will not decline. Those who go for these student loan schemes should remain devoted to their studies and their country. Those students should keep the vision to work for the development of their country.


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